Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Longmont Then And Now #17: 4th & Pratt (1915-2016)

From a 1915 postcard, the intersection of 4th Avenue and Pratt St facing Thompson Park:

Today, 101 years later:

The Queen Anne-style house on the corner goes by two names according to the sources below:  the Andrew Turrell House or the Dr. Charles Andrew House.  One source [1] says it was built in 1901, the other [2] 1896.  Dr. Andrew was the president of the Longmont Hospital Association and was married to Elizabeth Turrell, daughter of Burlington pioneer and owner of Longmont's first drugstore, Judson Turrell.  In the 1920's, the house became a parsonage for the First Methodist-Episcopal Church, which continued for 40 years. 
[1] Longmont's History in Architecture Today by Charles Bullard and Sally Vecchio-Martin 1986.
[2] West Side Walking Tour brochure, Longmont, Colorado, St. Vrain Historical Society

A summary of the informal "Longmont: Then and Now" series so far:

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