Sunday, March 2, 2008

Longmont Then and Now #10: City Hall

The old City Hall building, along with it's neighboring City Warehouse building (home of the old museum), was recently re-opened as the new Development Services Center; sort of a one-stop shopping place for all of your contracting/licensing/permit/planning needs within the city.

Here's a picture of City Hall from the 1940s:

Notice that there was a parking area between the two buildings back then. This building was first occupied by the city in February, 1922 and had a diverse group of initial occupants, including:
  • The City Clerk, of course
  • The Boulder County Fair Association
  • The Commercial Association (perhaps an early Chamber of Commerce?)
  • The Farm Bureau
  • The Boys and Girls Club administrator

Pictures from a cold, windy March 2, 2008:

The polished granite City Hall corner stone laid on a Monday afternoon, June 20, 1921 and observed by hundreds of people and accompanied by a musical band. A rain shower almost prevented the ceremony but the sun quickly came out. The inscription:

Laid by the M. W. Grand Lodge A. F. and A. M. of Colorado, June 20, 1921. A. L. 5921.
A copy of the extended ceremony address by ex-Mayor Rae Kitely (Mrs. Rae Kitely would eventually become the City Librarian in 1926) was placed inside the corner stone and should still be encased here:

Close up of the arch, along 4th Avenue:

The combined buildings, from the Kimbark Street persective.
A summary of the informal "Longmont: Then and Now" series so far:

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