Friday, February 26, 2016

Starbucks is the new business on Ken Pratt Blvd

Much thanks to reader Warren who pointed me to the City's active development log showing that a Starbucks Drive-through is the new business at Ken Pratt Boulevard & South Pratt Parkway.  Drawings/plans are likely on file but perhaps it will be a one of their Micro Drive Thru facilities.

No doubt Starbucks has seen the traffic ("cars passed") numbers of thousands heading west from Weld County on Ken Pratt in the morning during peak coffee hours. Seems like a tricky traffic situation at that intersection though in getting cars off Ken Pratt and back on again.  

And for those who favor a different brand, from the same development log, it looks like Dunkin' Donuts is also trying to capture that same steady stream of commuters with their own drive-in, in the Harvest Junction shopping center to the east.  Not sure which of the road it is on yet.

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SoRefined said...

re: Dunkin' Donuts, unless they are also building a satellite, it's on the north side of KP with the Best Buy, Ulta, etc. They've got Now Hiring signs up, so I suspect they will be open soon. The outside of the building looks complete, when I went by there last week looked like the inside was coming together.