Sunday, March 20, 2016

Martin Street extension to Quail Road

Once again, Martin Street is being extended south, this time from the current dead-end at the roundabout in the Lowe's shopping center to Quail Road.  The bigger picture here is that a housing development is being built in this area and that this extension is needed for access.

Had to go check it out before the real construction begins.

Looking south from the roundabout:

A closer southward and down hill look from the roundabout.  The city says a two-span bridge will be built from here that will cross Left Hand Creek below:

Looking north at the roundabout from Left Hand creek.  Someday there will be a 2 million dollar (privately funded) bridge where I'm standing:

From the likely intersection at Quail Road, looking north.  The telephone poles provide the clue.

One more look south toward Quail Road.  Won't be long until this quiet dirt road will be buzzing with traffic.

The previous Martin Street extension:

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