Friday, September 25, 2015

Kanemoto Park Pool Appears Nears Completion

It's been two and a half months since the last Kanemoto Park pool update.  The pool is being rebuilt from scratch in a new location (the former park playground) after the September 2013 flood destroyed the original.

Continuing from the July 7 update where the pool was poured, it looked like this a month later in August:

Another month later, on  September 20, the perimeter fence started going up and the "pool furniture" was being installed:

And then from today, September 25, the fence is mostly complete and the pool looks like it is being readied for winter.  Spring looks like the first time it will hold water.

Still some fencing to do near the entrance on the south side:

Bike racks, yes!

Work has appeared to move on to build the replacement playground just west of the pool:


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rogers River Run 5K 2015

Start of the annual Rogers River Run 5K in Longmont, Rhythm on the River (20th Anniversary).

Results are here. Exciting race between two Firestone residents.  Kelly Daugherty (in the Superman shirt above) had the lead for most of the race but Michael Brown surged for the lead just around the 3 mile marker.  

Furthest traveller was David Gutierrez of Madrid, Spain.

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Kanemoto Park Pool is Poured

The new pool at Kanemoto Park is poured.  From the labeling on the side of the pool, it looks like it goes up to four feet deep.

A lot of progress since early April:

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Mighty St. Vrain River

Every year around this time, the rivers and creeks start rising because of accelerated snowmelt.  This year, the water is higher than usual because of increased June rainfall.  The only impact are the closed underpasses on the St. Vrain Greenway.

Many years ago, Longmont's Left Hand Brewery started using the "Mighty St. Vrain" slogan on its beer cartons and promotional materials since they are located right along the river.  This is the time of the year when the St. Vrain lives up to that name.

No big deal for them:

But the high water will cause part of tomorrow's G'Knight Ride to be re-routed.  They were going to use part of the Greenway.

Hover Street underpass:

The "falls" over at Golden Ponds, viewed from the bridge:

Just about a mile away, the smaller Left Hand Creek has the same issues.  Its Greenway multi-use path to the left of the trees is completely underwater:

Everything should be back to normal in a few weeks.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

65th Anniversary of 1950 Pioneer Zephyr Train Crash in Longmont

A nice reader in New Jersey sent me a picture from the Longmont 1950 Pioneer Zephyr train collision, and reminded me that it is the 65th anniversary of the event.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Unoffficial FAQ for Longmont NextLight Fiber Service

I just became a "charter" NextLight gigabit internet service customer this week and am very pleased with it so far.  There is an official NextLight FAQ but some things I didn't find covered, so I'll keep this updated for a while.

First, some things you may not know:

  • NextLight billing is done separately from your existing city power bill.  You must supply a credit card when you initially order the service.  You can opt to have your credit card automatically charged every month, or they can  email you a monthly reminder for you to do it manually. 
  • There is no TV service with NextLight.  I commonly hear the misconception from existing subscription TV customers (cable or satellite) around town that they'll be able to dump their pay-TV provider and get their favorite channels over NextLight.   Not true.  Unlike Google Fiber in other cities, no TV option is available with NextLight. 

    I should mention that there are some IPTV-technology providers and devices that can deliver a subset of the usual "cable" channels to you over NextLight.   Check out Google Chromecast, Roku, Sling, Amazon Fire TV to name a few.
  • There is an optional phone service, though.  I don't have it so I don't know many details but I do know that (a) a battery backup is supplied if the power is off (think E-911 service) and that you can transfer your existing phone number. 
  • Today (April 2015), you must supply your own router, which these days almost always includes a firewall and a wireless access point.  There is no option to lease or buy one from NextLight but they're indicating that they may supply a combined ONT (see below)+ router+wireless access point device in the future.  Hidden away on the NextLight web site is a list of routers that are known to work on gigabit fiber services like NextLight.   You can take this list to Best Buy and shop around.  In a case I just heard about, the Longmont Best Buy didn't have one of the lower end models available on the floor but they were happy to order it.  Strictly speaking, you could plug your computer directly into the NextLight ONT box and not use a router but you'd be operating wide open on the internet with no firewall protection from the evil forces out there.  Highly discouraged.
  • NextLight installation responsibility ends at the installation of the ONT box (their equipment) inside your house.  From there, it is your responsibility to interface your own equipment.  NextLight installation does not include wiring/cable inside your house (e.g. running cable to your home office in another room),  configuration of your router and wireless, etc.

 On to the FAQ:

  1. I currently have Comcast for Internet and already have a router.  Will it work with NextLight?

    Probably.   For best performance, you'll want to make sure that your router ethernet ports, including the Internet port (sometimes called the WAN port) are gigabit ethernet (1000 Mbps) speed-capabale.  Older routers (2 years or older) may only have 100 Mbps ports.

    Amazingly, I just moved my existing router from my cable modem to the NextLight ONT device and everything just worked, including wireless.  No re-configuration was required.  Your mileage may vary on this one.
  2. What do I do with my existing cable modem that I use with Comcast?

    Check your bill to see if you are leasing it.  If yes, you need to return it to Comcast to avoid a hefty bill after you terminate your service from them.  If no, you could probably sell it for a few bucks if you think it's worth the trouble. 
  3. I'm on Centurylink DSL.  Will my existing combination DSL access point/router/wireless box work with NextLight?

    Almost certainly not.  These devices are tied to DSL (broadband over copper twisted pair) technology, none of which is used with NextLight.  You actually may need to return your box to CenturyLink if it is their property.
  4. What's this "ONT" box you keep mentioning?

    It stands for "Optical Network Terminal" and is the interface between the fiber optic cable and your router.  It is installed inside your house on a wall and is powered by plugging it in to a wall socket. Yes, that means no internet service if your power is off. Although it has multiple ethernet ports, only one (LAN 1) is activated and this almost always connects to your router. 

    The ONT is typically installed close to where the fiber optic cable is trenched to your house at the outside TAP box (see below).

    The ONT is the property of NextLight.  You don't pay extra for it via leasing charges.  Before installation is complete, you'll sign your name agreeing that you won't remove it, to sell it on eBay for example or pack it accidentally when you get transferred to Minneapolis.

    My ONT.  Two cables come out of it:  one for power, the other is an ethernet cable to my router.  You supply the ethernet cable, not NextLight.  Keep in mind that ONT device technology is always changing and that it may look different by the time NextLight arrives in your neighborhood.
  5. Installed ONT
    The outside view.  This is the Terminal Access Point (TAP) box.  My  ONT is straight through the wall.
  6. On installation day, does the install technician need to use my computer/laptop/tablet?

    Nope, they don't touch your computer at all.  You don't even need to have it around.  They verify proper NextLight service operation with their tablet connected straight to the ONT.
  7.  I run [Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, FreeBSD] on my computer system(s) at home.  Do I have to install any additional software to work with NextLight?

    If your system is from the last twenty years, you should be good, out-of-the-box with no software/driver installs required at all.
  8. Any way to obtain a static IP address from NextLight?

    No option for this, as I understand.  If this question doesn't make sense, don't worry.
  9. How much power does this ONT box use?I've measured it as a constant 6 watts. If my math is correct, this comes out to (6 watts * 24 hour) / 1000 = 0.144 kilowatt-hour for a day's usage.  Going by published LPC rates @ 7.55 cents/kwH, this comes out to a daily cost of about $0.01/day.
  10. I've been seeing NextLight crews/trucks in my neighborhood.  How will I be notified when service is available to me?

    I received a "doorhanger" with the good news.  There was a one-month scheduling wait once I made the phone call to subscribe vs. when the installation technicans showed up.
 Got more questions?  Let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Butterball Plant Update #2

Longmont's Butterball plant under demolition made some news this week as the final portion along Main Street is about to go down.  A quote from Mayor Dennis Coombs via an April 2 Times-Call article by Karen Antonacci:
"This is a change of an era," he said. "This is our history, and now it's being demolished, and something wonderful is going to be built here. ... I think once this project is done, it could transform the whole south end of downtown Longmont."
It's been two months since my last update so it's time to see what's changed.

February vs. April difference from 1st and Main:

February 8, 2015

April 5 (Easter), 2015

Along Main, you can see the factory wall propped up:

The view from Second Avenue, on the north side of the plant:

And from Second and Main where things still look somewhat normal:

The train station has thankfully lost the wall behind it.   February vs. April:

February 8, 2015

April 5, 2015 (Easter)

Just east of the factory in one of the outlying Butterball buildings, I believe this is where a new brewery (Wibby) is going at 209 Emery: