Monday, January 18, 2016

Tower of Compassion Pagoda Renovation Starts Today

The perimeter fence went up today (MLK Day 2016) marking the start of the renovation of the weathered but treasured Tower of Compassion pagoda in Kanemoto Park, Longmont.

I mentioned last week that construction activity should be winding up in Kanemoto Park but I forgot about this project which was mentioned on a sign in the park that I saw over the summer.

The pagoda is getting a new roof, among other things and the roofing contractor told me that 45 days is the estimated time of completion, weather permitting.  If you're interested in seeing details of the full project, including the new railings, repair of the base of the torii gate, and a modern LED lighting system, checkout the RFP (PDF, 6.9MB).

Readers here know that I like "before and after" pictures (and in-between ones too), so here's some more Day One pictures:

Other articles on the Tower of Compassion:

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Missouri Avenue in Longmont: Pre and Post Restoration

Missouri Avenue in Longmont, post-flood condition in 2014 before the area was restored.  A few things to notice:

The latest view (Google Earth in January 2016, probably captured in late summer 2015) showing both the completed creek bank restoration project and the rebuilt pool:

The new pool is built further back from the creek, on the grounds of the old playground (the new playground being constructed to the left of the pool complex and to the right of the volleyball court.  For comparison purposes, both of the surrounding pool buildings were retained in their original locations.  You can also see that creek banks have been restored with who- knows-how-many thousand of tons of dirt that was trucked in.

The park is not as green as it was two  years ago, likely from getting beaten up from all of the construction projects going on.  2016 should be back to normal.

Both images courtesy of Google Earth.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Like the Longmont Ice Rink? Thank Sarah Levison

Longmont newcomers may be surprised to hear that our popular ice rink was  officially shuttered eight years ago, before the winter skating season started.  Even long-time residents may have forgotten about this.

After the 2007 November election, brand new councilwoman Sarah Levison drove the reversal of that decision one month later.  The  skating rink turned self-sustaining a year or two later and the rest is history.   [You'll notice in my notes that there was talk about the larger envisioned year-round Quail campus ice rink way back then, which was a Council topic over this past summer].

This is not a political blog and I didn't always agree with Councilwoman Levison's decisions or motions but there is no question that she single-handedly led the effort to resurrect the ice rink for that winter and who knows if it would have ever re-opened.

With Sarah Levison having just completed her term-limited eight years on Council, it's important to look back and remember this overlooked accomplishment.  If you've enjoyed ice skating in Longmont, she's the one to thank the next time you see her around town.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Book: Haunted Longmont

Can't wait to read Richard Estep's new book, "Haunted Longmont".  Richard was one of the speakers at a paranormal talk a few years ago at the library and has graciously acknowledged two of my articles from here in his book.  

Speaking of the library, they have three copies with six (including me) on the wait list.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thompson Park and the Emerald Ash Borer

Have you seen the trees in Thompson Park that have been wrapped with a green ribbon?  Unfortunately, these are Green Ash trees that have been designated as vulnerable to the imminent arrival of the emerald ash borer beetle. Green Ashes are everywhere in the park; I roughly counted at least 25 green ribbons but I'm sure I missed a few.  The website mentioned on the ribbon is

If the evil emerald ash borer wins, Thompson Park won't look the same with its stately mature Green Ashes gone.

Putting aside the bad EAB news, it was a beautiful fall day at my favorite park:



Friday, September 25, 2015

Kanemoto Park Pool Appears Nears Completion

It's been two and a half months since the last Kanemoto Park pool update.  The pool is being rebuilt from scratch in a new location (the former park playground) after the September 2013 flood destroyed the original.

Continuing from the July 7 update where the pool was poured, it looked like this a month later in August:

Another month later, on  September 20, the perimeter fence started going up and the "pool furniture" was being installed:

And then from today, September 25, the fence is mostly complete and the pool looks like it is being readied for winter.  Spring looks like the first time it will hold water.

Still some fencing to do near the entrance on the south side:

Bike racks, yes!

Work has appeared to move on to build the replacement playground just west of the pool:


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rogers River Run 5K 2015

Start of the annual Rogers River Run 5K in Longmont, Rhythm on the River (20th Anniversary).

Results are here. Exciting race between two Firestone residents.  Kelly Daugherty (in the Superman shirt above) had the lead for most of the race but Michael Brown surged for the lead just around the 3 mile marker.  

Furthest traveller was David Gutierrez of Madrid, Spain.