Sunday, October 28, 2007

Longmont, Then and Now #1: Farmers National Bank

I've always liked "then and now" pictures and the history behind them, so I'll start a series of them about Longmont, with this being the first.

The elegant Farmers National Bank building was opened at 4th and Main in September, 1918. Built stately of concrete and marble, it was touted as having "nothing to burn". The institution itself had been around since 1881 with its slogan being "Solid As Long's Peak". In 1927, Farmers National Bank merged with American National Bank and joined the existing First National Bank of Longmont, keeping the building. The building remained in use until it was torn down in December, 1959. All in all, a lifetime of 41 years.

The glassy replacement building remains today, for 48 years now and counting. Centennial Bank of the West is the current owner, having bought First MainStreet Bank in 2005 (First National Bank of Longmont was renamed to First MainStreet in 2003).

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