Saturday, December 6, 2014

Missouri Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Open Again

It's been 450 days since the pedestrian bridge over Lefthand Creek, connecting Missouri Avenue and Kanemoto Park, was last open, due to the September 2013 flood.  Quietly, the bridge was opened again this past week.

On the early morning of September 12, the bridge was open but not for long:

A few hours later, it was blocked off.  Who knew at this point that it would be fifteen months until it was open again?

 The aftermath was ugly:

Repair work started in May 2014, when a crane was brought in to move the bridge aside while the foundation could be rebuilt:

Bridge moved successfully along Missouri Avenue, a few days later:

Two months later, on August 3, the new foundation is complete and the crane is back in the neighborhood to move the bridge back over the creek:

August 7:  the bridge is back in place.

September 8: a lot of earthwork has been done.  Bridge still closed though.

October 14:  getting closer but not open yet.

Today, December 6.   The bridge is open again!  You'd hardly know that anything happened.  The city and their contractors did a fine job in the total restoration effort.

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