Saturday, September 14, 2013

One More Round of Flood Pictures

On Main Street, looking west on the Left Hand Creek bridge:

The new footbridge over Left Hand at Kanemoto Park, severely damaged after the foundation caved on the other side.

Erosion of the creek bank has done major damage to the kiddie pool at Kanemoto Park.  

Pike Road tunnel, shared by Left Hand Creek and a multi-use path.  As of right now, Pike Road is closed until the engineers can evaluate the safety of the road over the tunnel.

Creekside Park soccer field:

Another view of the Pike road tunnel:

This ant sculpture got separated from the other insects which are upstream a bit, by the structure in the background.  I'm guessing the water swept it down here.

Intersection of Ken Pratt Blvd and Missouri:

The damaged new footbridge, leaning over:

The pagoda is roped off with police tape, likely because one of the sidewalks around it is now a ledge over the creek:

No power for a day and half = dead cell phone battery.  A spare outlet on a neighbor's generator to the rescue!

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