Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kanemoto Park Bridge Update

A heavy-duty crane was brought back to the neighborhood yesterday, I'm assuming it will be used to put the Kanemoto Park pedestrian bridge back over Lefthand Creek.

Backing up a bit, I wasn't sure back in May if the bridge was going to be preserved but yes, it was, they lifted it away so that the destroyed anchoring/foundation could be rebuilt.

Here's what it looked like on June 2, with the bridge moved aside.  You can see the flood-damaged foundation on the other side of the creek.

Back to today (August 3)

In addition to the bridge repair, a lot of work has been done to rebuild the creek banks in this area.  For many days in June and July, there was a steady express of  trucks that were hauling dirt, gravel, and sand from Weld County.

The sidelined bridge set to be back in action soon, after almost a year of being out of operation.

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