Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New downtown eatery and cherry trees, Alleys, and Events

Great to see a new business, La Vita Bella,  in the basement of the historic Hansen Building downtown at 5th and Main.  Their grand opening is in two days (April 20) but they are open for business now.  In addition to coffee, they have food too, and they are open during evenings. 

The basement is abuzz and the lights are on again!  It's been many years since the old August Morning coffee shop was here.

And just a block over, the downtown "Alleyscape" project is in full swing.  Not much to look at yet but supposedly the overhead wires will all be gone when they are done.

Downtown summer events are not far away, as this public notice advertises:

Finally, an update on the Kanemoto Park cherry tree situation.  If you remember, the previous batch of cherry trees did not survive.  A new round has been planted, with these being more mature and perhaps a different species.  Let's hope that these have better luck.

No doubt connected in some sort of way, a new Kanemoto Park Cherry Blossom Festival has been announced for Saturday, June 2. 

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