Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bridge at Missouri/South Pratt is Open Again

Again, this is  likely only to interest folks in this neighborhood or perhaps civil engineering enthusiasts.  But, this mudfest is moving east to Main Street next where it will be more disruptive, so you soon may be affected by this project.

Yesterday, on March 10, the new bridge at South Pratt Parkway and Missouri opened to traffic.  It's been four months, eleven days (133 days) since the previous bridge was closed.  Interesting that I also captured a red truck crossing the old bridge on its last day.

A red truck drives across

Open!  On Saturday, March 10, 2012

As you can see, the work is not completed:  no pedestrian or bike lanes yet.

Backing up to where I last left off, here's the box culvert on February 18:

Then I was away for ten days and came back to see this, on March 3.  A lot of progress!

Looking like a real road again

On Friday, March 9 it was announced that the road would re-open the next day.  Bring on the paving crew.

Friday evening - ready to re-open the next day

And as you read about up front, the road did open.  Even though I tested out the strength of the bridge by riding my bike over it, the City is recommending that pedestrians and cyclists continue to use the alternate route through the park.

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