Sunday, July 18, 2010

This N' That

Random hodge-podge (some late) of pictures, posted selfishly for me to look at in the middle of winter.

First tomatoes of the year, picked on July 10.

A three-wheeled electric Zapcar, at Thompson Park for the 4th of July celebration.

One way to wake up two otherwise sleepy areas of Longmont on a weekend (downtown on Sunday afternoon and Prospect neighborhood on a 100 degree Saturday) is to hold a bike race.

Longmont Criterium (July 11, Thompson Park):

Vic's Espresso Criterium (Prospect neighborhood, July 17):

Speaking of Prospect, I've been watching this house with the slanted wall go up for quite a while. The framing on the front is relatively new.

Here's what it should look like. I'll get back over there when it's done:

The 95th Street bridge over Left Hand Creek re-opened over a month ago. I was there back in April and what a difference three months make!

Blinded by the sun a little in this picture, but across that wall under the bridge there is a new multi-use path.

But the path currently dead-ends almost immediately west of the bridge. I think this is supposed to go to Niwot someday.

Another view of the new bridge, looking east. Notice the nice "left hand" finishing touch on the bridge.

This field, just east of Longmont, was growing sugar beets last year. This year it's soy beans, for crop rotation and nitrogen replenishing.

A raptor (red tailed hawk?), not too far from the field above:

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