Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Longmont Pumpkin Giveaway on Main Street, 1953

It's pumpkin season and for the first time in many years, I didn't grow any this year.   I'm regretting that now but nevertheless, it's a good time to revisit a Longmont pumpkin event from 58 years ago that received national attention in Life Magazine.  The local Kuner-Empson Canning company along with the Chamber of Commerce had a tradition of giving away pumpkins just before Halloween and on Thursday, October 29, 1953, just after school, they unloaded thirteen tons of them on Main Street.  

Although apparently targeted to children, no age limits were set for the giveaway and the Times-Call headline on the following day said, "Kids from 6 to 60 are Given 1,300 Halloween Pumpkins."

 Life Magazine's Denver bureau covered the event too and their story appeared two weeks later in the November 9, 1953 edition.  All pictures here are courtesy of this publication, of course.

This event took place at the intersection of Fourth and Main.  Police Chief Keith Cunningham and his officers had two blocks protected from traffic.

It's very likely that there are people in Longmont that remember this particular event and who knows, maybe one of the pictured kids above is still living in town.   Ask around and let me know if you find one!

Also, you may be interested in another Life Magazine article about Longmont from 1948, and a followup.

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Meg said...

My husband and I just moved to Longmont, and I'm really glad I found this blog.