Friday, June 3, 2011

St. Vrain Greenway eastern trail heads are open

The two new trail heads (TH) on the eastern part of the St. Vrain Greenway have been open for a while now.  I'm not sure if the City announced this or not but I mentioned them back in January while they were under construction, and it's good to see them being  used.

The first new TH you'll encounter going east from Longmont is the 119th St TH.  It has a restroom, a water fountain, two covered picnic tables, and a parking lot.  Yes, the water fountain is working. 

119th Trail Head.  That's the old Longmont Sugar Factory in the background
A nice touch at this TH is the area they've built to sit along the river and perhaps watch the ducks.

About 1.3 miles further east, at Weld County Road 1, there is another new TH.  This one is simply a parking lot and a picnic table; no facilities.

St. Vrain Greenway Trail Head at Weld County Road 1
Surprisingly still around, next to this TH, is the dead tree that has been seen in here before.

Heading back west to Longmont, you'll see a cluster of swallows nesting under the CO-119 bridge.  

And out of nowhere, a freshly painted birdhouse along the river.  Wonder where it came from?

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lalapapawawa said...

See, birders are very civic-minded!