Sunday, March 29, 2009

Activity on the future eastern portion of the Greenway

I'm seeing some tree and brush clearing happening east of the intersection of Quicksilver Road and County Line Road 1. I remember reading or hearing something recently about east St. Vrain Greenway construction activity picking up again, so maybe this is a sign of that. A crew was out there working today, on a Sunday!

From the latest map (12 MB PDF), it looks like the Quicksilver Road option discussed last year was not chosen, even though this was mentioned as the most favored route by City staff.

This from today, looking east toward Sandstone Ranch. The Greenway will run north/south (left/right in the picture below) before it eventually turns east. Let's see if the tree below survives.


lalapapawawa said...

Now, in keeping with activity on the greenway, did you know about the Green Up Clean Up campaign kicking off this weekend?
I hope the snow melts?

In a Van Down By the St. Vrain River said...

Yes, the Clean Up effort did a great job on the Greenway! Yesterday out there I saw bags and bags of trash waiting to be picked up.

Eric said...

That tree is still there, although a number of the trees closer to the road were cut down and mulched.