Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book Review: "Longmont" from the Times-Call

The new 144-page book "Longmont" produced by the Times-Call and edited by Kristi Ritter is a welcome addition to the existing collection of books about Longmont history. Partially supported by advertisers, it presents an updated crosscut view of Longmont, from its founding to today, across people, events, places, government, infrastructure and businesses. And it's packed with historical pictures from the collections at the Museum and Times-Call.

(Pictured on the front cover is Griffith Ladies Wear, Millinery, and Dry Goods at the NW corner Fourth and Main in July 1887. There is a bank at this location today.)

Even for those who specialize in local history, you'll likely learn some new things, such as:
  • What was "Project 75" and how does it impact you today?
  • Who was Eddie Eagan?
  • Did you know that Gibson Manufacturing manufactured over 60,000 tractors on east 9th Avenue in the 1940's to early 1950's?
What's missing? I would have liked to see the village of Burlington (including the Burlington cemetery) and the St. Vrain Greenway get their own top-level coverage, as both are important to our community.

The Library has three copies: two in circulation (978.863 LON) and one for reference-only. And it is for sale at the Times-Call (the picture there makes the book look a lot weightier than it really is!)

Summary: Great introduction to Longmont for any residents curious about local history and the things that have shaped their surroundings.

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