Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second printing for "Footprints in the Sugar"

It was great news to recently hear that Candy Hamilton's "Footprints in the Sugar: A History of the Great Western Sugar Company" has gone into a second printing. This book was mentioned here last year and the second printing shows that there is great interest in reading about, and preserving this important part of our history.

As an encore to the book and a good celebration of the second printing, Candy Hamilton has put out a nice booklet called "The Sugar Dust: Memories from the Sugar Tramps" containing reactions to the book, which includes pictures, fascinating personal recollections of GW workers, a few poems, miscellaneous comments from readers (including me, *blush*), and a review of the book itself from the Nebraska State Historical Society.

More information about Candy Hamilton's book can be found at the book's website.

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lalapapawawa said...

Don't let fame change you, Pete.