Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday on the Greenway

Looks like the Martin Street bridge is getting close to completion. Here it is, as it crosses over the St. Vrain Greenway:

Won't be long until this is open (looking north to eastern downtown Longmont):

Nice to see that the bridge includes a pedestrian/bike path:

Some previous pictures of this Martin Street area:

The spring water runoff from the mountains appears higher than usual this year. Here's the St. Vrain River "falls" over by Golden Ponds Park:

And the high water is already closing some of the Greenway, as the high water laps the trail. I counted three spots like this that were closed:

Finally, I've seen a flock of white pelicans at Golden Ponds for about the last three weeks. Here's a few of them from today:

This reminded me of one of their brown pelican cousins that posed for me last week at St. Marks National Wildlife Reserve in north Florida:

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