Monday, May 10, 2010

Bicycles on Exhibit at the Longmont Museum

Casual readers of this blog may have noticed a few cycling posts, so a trip to see the current bicycle exhibit at the Longmont Museum was definitely in order! Here is just a small sampling of the bikes you will see.

A 1934 Schwinn Aerocycle greets you as you enter the exhibit:

A Singer quad from 1897. This bike is owned in Longmont and you can sometimes see it in local parades:

Andy Hampsten's bike that he used when he became the first American to win the Giro d' Italia (Tour of Italy) in 1988. Although painted as a Huffy, it was custom built by John Slawta of Land Shark:

1953 Schwinn Girl's Hornet with saddlebag:

Modern bamboo bicycle from Ft. Collins builder Panda Bicycles:

Many of the bikes on display are from a private collector in Paonia, and Ron Kiefel's Wheat Ridge Cyclery store. You'll see old and new (like the bamboo bike above) and also a (chainless) belt-drive Trek bike.

In order to recover a $12,000 budget shortfall, the Museum is charging admission for the first time. Support the Museum, if you can. There is a free day, however, on June 12 which is also "Bike to the Museum" day. And there is a host of other bicycling events lined up with this exhibit, which runs until July 3. Check the museum calendar for more information.

Thanks, Longmont Museum, for the great exhibit.

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G.E. said...

This is such a great show, and so interesting to have the opportunity to see bicycles through the ages - completely worth the $5 entry fee (in my opinion). I thought it was definitely worth seeing, particularly for those interested in bicycles and bicycle paraphernalia.