Sunday, February 1, 2009

Terry Street Fire Station Update

Another look, one year later, at the conversion of the old Longmont City Public Works building to a new fire station, at 11th Avenue and Terry Street. I read over the summer that the project was delayed a little because of the rising cost of materials, but as you can see now, things are happening:

This building (picture taken in February 2008) is gone, as part of the plan:

February 2009 view:


Jeremy Berggren said...

It was their property but I hate to see what they did to this building. The new construction is nice. Its just that they trashed the historic look of the building. I completely understand that it was not a useful building before the renovation. I just wish they could have made the additions without wrecking the old building. They should of left the "Longmont Public Works" painted on the front too. I am a bit nostalgic for these things.

In a Van Down By the St. Vrain River said...

Yeah, I was also surprised at how different the building looked. I didn't know the plans included all that, and also was thinking that the building would be pretty much kept intact. Let's see what happens with the front -- it's supposed to get a facade similar to the old fire house at 4th and Coffman.