Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Longmont Hospital History

A few more notes about the history of hospitals in Longmont:
  • Prior to the 1907 Longmont Hospital at 4th & Coffman, there was a "Longmont Hospital" located at 6th & Kimbark. I'm not sure yet which corner of the intersection it occupied but one of those corners is a parking lot now, behind the Pumphouse restaurant. Laura Atkinson was listed as its manager in 1904.

  • Remember the other hospital mentioned above, the St. Vrain Hospital? I already mentioned the 502 Collyer (1920's) and 3rd & Coffman (1930's to 1950) locations for it, but before that, it was at 320 Bross in the 1915 time frame.

    320 Bross today:

The St. Vrain Historical Society calls this the "Taft House", which was built for a relative of President Taft. In 1912, the Hard family purchased it and Esther Hard, a nurse, converted the second story to a five-room hospital which included an operating room.

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