Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boulder Cup Cyclocross Weekend, Day 1

The USA cyclocross elite are in Boulder this weekend for two races, one today at the Boulder Reservoir and another tomorrow in Boulder at Harlow Platts Park. Someday this race will have snow, wind, and cold temperatures but once again, like last year, it was warm and dry.

Deep sand and the dreaded goatheads were some of the obstacles out here. There was a reported twenty flats during one of the races, from goatheads, which occurred when riders just strayed just a little off course.

A mens 35+ rider dismounts to cross the sand "at the beach":

Prime goathead territory:

Rachel Lloyd and Olympian Georgia Gould line up for the women's elite race. They would eventually finish #2 and #1. Remember Georgia from two weeks ago at Xilinx in Longmont?

Georgia Gould won today, from start to finish:

A day on the beach:

Ryan Trebon, who always does well in Boulder, lines up for the mens elite race.

Crowds tend to build up at the obstacles (from elite mens race):

A rider will become a fan favorite, and get lots of applause, if they successfully pull off a "bunny hop"!

Todd Wells from Durango, right about to start the winning breakaway from the leading group, with just under a lap to go. Tim Johnson and Ryon Trebon behind. Final finishing order was Wells, Trebon, and Johnson.

Garmin-Chipotle pro road rider Tom Danielson was a spectator today. Hopefully, he'll finally get a Tour de France roster spot in 2009.

An elite rider reminds us that yesterday was Halloween:

Dave Towle (on the left): the always-present announcer:

A full wrapup is over at cyclingnews (womens, mens). Another race tomorrow; let's see if I get over to Boulder for that.

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