Saturday, November 3, 2007

Redline Cyclocross Bike Race at the Boulder Reservoir

A great day for a cyclocross race at the Boulder Reservoir, loaded with USA's best riders. "Cross" is dominant in Belgium and Holland, but is growing in popularity here in the States. Unlike most other road and mountain bike cycling races, cross is a great spectator sport because the riders compete on a loop course, most of which is observable from a single point. The Redline Cup attracted some all-star cyclists, including Ryan Trebon, Katie Compton, Barry Wicks, and road cyclist and frequent Tour De France participant, Chris Horner. He must enjoy cross cycling because he also rode at the Xilinx Cup race last year in Longmont, although he missed the cut because of some mechanical problems. Today, he finished impressively in the top ten.

Multiple-time US champion and World's silver-medalist Katie Compton takes one of the tricky turns, on the her last lap, before winning the elite women's race today.

Today's best helmet:

Rachel Lloyd:

The start of the men's elite race

Early part of the men's elite race:

Cyclocross courses are required to have obstacles, such as telephone poles to go over or stairs to climb. In today's race, one of the obstacle sections had two boards on the course. Most riders dismounted and carried their bikes over, but a few "bunny jumped" 'em much to the crowd's delight. You can gain some valuable seconds if you're good at this but it can be a serious wipe-out if you miss.

Six foot five Ryan Trebon of the Kona team, the men's elite winner, just like last year in Longmont. He overcame a slow start to take a commanding lead.

A wave to the crowd, ten feet in front of the finishing line.

A cross tire: thin but knobby:

These tires come in handy for dealing with deep sand and loose gravel, all part of cyclocross:

Chris Horner after the race:

Is Cyclocross weather supposed to be this nice? The pictures you always see from Belgium cross races show a lot of mud, rain, and gray skies!

Race results on Cyclingnews. Velonews has their results here

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