Saturday, September 6, 2008

Roll Over Beethoven

Using rock and roll, and polka to raise money for a symphony orchestra seems like a strange idea but it's a formula that works every year at Longmont's Oktoberfest. The weather was perfect with a definite hint of Fall in the air.

The Pirnack Pavilion was filled with people and vendors:

I actually preferred the old Oktoberfest location downtown on Coffman Street but I'll have to admit that Roosevelt Park has more room for growth, and it appears that more people and vendors show up at this event every year.

The Groove Hawgs headline Friday's show. A Longmont Oktoberfest tradition except for that one year, a while back, in which they were not invited. They like playing in Longmont, the people like them and they have a large local following, so why not keep a good thing going?

If you're reading this on Saturday, there's still one more evening of events!

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