Monday, May 26, 2008

Bolder Boulder 2008

Top 5 Bolder Boulder 2008 observations:

  1. The cloudy, wet conditions were great during the race; not so nice post-race in the stands.
  2. I missed the always stellar and traditional Bolder Boulder TV coverage by Channel 4 in Denver. If you did too, be sure to let the race director know your thoughts about the change announced a few months ago. (Next day update: it's probably better to let Channel 4 know as this was their decision not to continue to provide live coverage).
  3. Unlike suffering through the learning curve last year, it looks like they've figured out the disposable chip-timing technology. Other large-scale races will probably soon follow.
  4. If you participated today and also in previous years, did you notice that there were a lot less "bouncers" (used to watch for non-paying "bandit" runners) on the run-in to the stadium this year? In the past, it's been like running through a turnstile at that point in the race.
  5. The good news is that the Twin Peaks Mall south parking lot in Longmont was packed with cars this morning. It would have made a great publicity photo for the Mall, especially in light of the problems that they are experiencing. The bad news was that almost all those cars were there for the Bolder Boulder bus, and not the Mall. Some of the outlying businesses smartly took advantage of the free foot traffic at their doorstep, by handing out coupons.

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