Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thompson Park and the Emerald Ash Borer

Have you seen the trees in Thompson Park that have been wrapped with a green ribbon?  Unfortunately, these are Green Ash trees that have been designated as vulnerable to the imminent arrival of the emerald ash borer beetle. Green Ashes are everywhere in the park; I roughly counted at least 25 green ribbons but I'm sure I missed a few.  The website mentioned on the ribbon is

If the evil emerald ash borer wins, Thompson Park won't look the same with its stately mature Green Ashes gone.

Putting aside the bad EAB news, it was a beautiful fall day at my favorite park:




SoRefined said...

There are a number of these same green ribboned trees in Garden Acres Park, too.

Peter said...

Green Ash's are probably in all of Longmont's older parks and I'll be on the lookout for green ribbons now. Thanks for letting me know!