Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Like the Longmont Ice Rink? Thank Sarah Levison

Longmont newcomers may be surprised to hear that our popular ice rink was  officially shuttered eight years ago, before the winter skating season started.  Even long-time residents may have forgotten about this.

After the 2007 November election, brand new councilwoman Sarah Levison drove the reversal of that decision one month later.  The  skating rink turned self-sustaining a year or two later and the rest is history.   [You'll notice in my notes that there was talk about the larger envisioned year-round Quail campus ice rink way back then, which was a Council topic over this past summer].

This is not a political blog and I didn't always agree with Councilwoman Levison's decisions or motions but there is no question that she single-handedly led the effort to resurrect the ice rink for that winter and who knows if it would have ever re-opened.

With Sarah Levison having just completed her term-limited eight years on Council, it's important to look back and remember this overlooked accomplishment.  If you've enjoyed ice skating in Longmont, she's the one to thank the next time you see her around town.

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