Friday, March 13, 2015

New Tunnel under the Diagonal

First time I've been through the new pedestrian/bike tunnel underneath the Diagonal, which connects Airport Road with the LoBo trail.

Heading toward Longmont on the Diagonal near Airport Road, you'll see the tunnel sign to your right.  There is a bus stop there too, with a bike rack:

The tunnel itself is not very long and only goes under one direction of the Diagonal.

The tunnel goes under the eastbound (bottom yellow line) direction of the Diagonal.  To cross the westbound section, you use crosswalks on Airport and then over the Diagonal.  My route is in red.

Next up for construction is another pedestrian tunnel just up the road where the Diagonal intersects with Hover Road.


G.E. said...
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G.E. said...

I've used this a few times now and my least favorite part is that I have to wait through two sets of signals. Meaning, the south-west bound diagonal traffic will be heading through for quite some time after I've pressed the crossing button, and then I have to wait for the north bound traffic crossing to go through to Airport Rd before it lets me cross. Then, I wait again for the north bound signal to get to Airport. It's a little annoying and surely this is something that could be easily resolved, I'd think? But, aside from the annoying wait time at the signal, it's kind of nice to not have to dart like a prairie dog across highway 119. :O)

Peter said...

Yes, that is kind of awkward, yours were my first thoughts too. It wasn't until recently that I thought the tunnel was going to go under the entire Diagonal.

G.E. said...

That is what I'd assumed as well. I think it works though; I'd just like to have the signals be a bit more in tune.