Sunday, February 8, 2015

Longmont Butterball Plant Demolition Update

Demolition progress on the Butterball plant in Longmont.  The view is not much different yet from 1st & Main:

But the eastern side of the plant is almost gone:

Blocked from view for decades, you can now see the Justice Building in the background from 1st Street, even with the trains in the way:

It won't be long until the old train station is prominent again, until at least the new property goes up.

Long's Peak in the background:

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G.E. said...

Rode through there on Saturday. Such a strange thing to see through that spot now. It's interesting to watch the skyline change in Longmont. The corner of Longs Peak/Main/Coffman was also odd to me. When the old building went down and the view of Roosevelt Park was wide open from Main, something felt off, but then as the new building went up, it felt strange not to see the park any longer. :O) I suppose we adjust, but it is fascinating to see changes in our little slice of life here, isn't it?