Monday, December 29, 2014

Boulder NCAR Visit

The previous post reminded me that it's been a while since I've been inside the NCAR facility in Boulder.  As a major employer, a learning museum, a center of excellence for climate studies, a tourist attraction, and a convenient gateway to Boulder's renowned trail system, NCAR is a treasured resource and an important piece of Boulder's culture.  Despite that, it is widely agreed that NCAR would never be allowed to be constructed today in the hills above Boulder, with the  environmental, regulatory, and citizen activism landscape so different than it was in 1961 when NCAR was built.  

NCAR's learning center is always worth an annual visit and is a popular field trip destination for school kids during the week.   It's a good place to take visitors and it's free and open most days of the year.  Water fountains and restrooms are there too which is handy for hikers.

The view from inside, out the back window on Saturday, December 27:

The retired CRAY-1A that I mentioned last week.  To find it, go all the way downstairs. 

Looking at the Flatirons on a nice day.  Taking the left here is the entry point to the trail system. 

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