Thursday, March 21, 2013

West Coast visit, not Longmont-related

A week-long trip to the west coast.  

First, in the booming Rivermark area of Santa Clara in Silicon Valley,  some of the trees are blooming, two months ahead of us

The future Santa Clara Northside Library going up

On to Bellingham, WA in the upper left corner of the lower 48.  On a pleasant Sunday morning (lotsa rain the day before), a visit to the Bay of Bellingham:

The Bellingham Fishermen's Memorial in Zuanich Point Park, honoring the fishermen who never returned from the sea:

San Juan Islands across the water:

It's always green up here which is a strange sight for Colorado eyes.  The loaded clouds in the background are all set to bring some afternoon rain:

Finally, an afternoon in Seattle visiting two great museums.  First, billionaire Paul Allen of Microsoft fame quietly opened the Living Computer Museum about six months ago where he intends to show historic computers that are running instead of just on display like at other computer musuems.   (You may remember Paul Allen as the founder of the Jimi Hendrix-centered museum also in Seattle, now called the EMP Museum)

Below is a DECsystem 10 (was called a PDP-10) which was rescued from Germany by Paul Allen where it was sitting in a foot of water.  This was the first system that he learned to program on, and thus it has a good deal of sentimental value to him.  The two gentlemen below are museum contractors hired to get the system working again.  They were poring over hardware schematics on a Sunday afternoon, and likely have some good financial incentives to get this system operational again in a timely manner. 

This portion of an IBM 360 model 91 system is one of the exceptions in the museum in that it won't ever run again but the lights are impressive!

Last museum stop:  The Seattle Pinball Museum located in Seattle's Chinatown:

It started as only a temporary exhibit but it was so popular that the owners kept it open permanently.

10 bucks, all you can eat pinball, on about 25 machines.

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