Sunday, March 3, 2013

Downtown Longmont Roundup

I've hardly been in downtown Longmont since the late summerHere's some of the things that I see that are new or different.  

The Longmont Yarn Shoppe is co-located with Discoveries Egyptian Imports at 454 Main since at least late summer 2012.  This is the first time I've seen it from the front:

 High Altitude Archery is moving in, at 360 Main:

The Speakeasy (bar/live music) opened in January in the basement of the Zweck/Imperial Hotel building with a Prohibition-era 1920s/1930s themeIt's unique these days for Longmont in that it has a dress code on weekends:  no T-shirts, baseball caps, or athletic attireOld time Longmonters will remember this location from the 90's as the dim-lit, smoke-filled Cheers bar but it sounds like a lot of work has been done to clear out all the residue and grime from that decade, and before.  Hearing good reviews from those that have been there.

Mary McCaslin is playing at Barbed Wire Books on the 22nd:

 Full Circle Yoga is new, at 519 Main:

Odd or fitting name for a Church/Ministry?  You make the call:

 The Chinese Medicine Clinic at 385 Main:

I heard about the Break Away cycling studio opening in the Fall but this is the first time I've seen it up close.  439 Main.

Stonebridge Games at 439 Main closed in March of last year. Self portrait in the reflection.

Frames, Games, and Things Unnamed at 457 Main.  Is this relatively new?

And finally, Joe's just opened at the location formerly called "7 West", 526 Main.  It's based on a style of restaurants from California that started in San Francisco in the thirties.  Same owners as the popular Two Dog Diner in Prospect.  They will have live music and the rooftop area should be opening in late March.

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JaneGS said...

Thanks for an excellent roundup of what's new in Longmont--I've driven by Joe's but haven't tried it yet. We liked Two Dog Diner when we went there, so it has potential.