Friday, February 22, 2013

North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2013

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is in Denver this year, so I went down on opening day to check it out.  The show is at the Denver Convention Center and runs until Sunday afternoon.

  Commuters / all-rounders:

This builder (donkelope from Bellingham, WA) installed an old gas lamp retrofitted with an LED light.  Check out the curly brake cable shields, too:

The so-called "fat bikes" with monster 3 or 4 inch tires were everywhere. 

Built for a lumberjack, from Moots in Steamboat Springs:

 Full or partial wood frames, including bamboo:

This eye-catching frame is made of mahogony (base) and hickory (seat stay?):

Bamboo fat bike from boo in Ft. Collins:

Belt-drive (instead of traditional chain) drive trains continue to be featured at NAHBS.  Some say they are a solution without a problem, others think they will replace chains some day:

Belt drive requires a different frame (you can't re-purpose an older one) and you must use an internal hub:  no derailleurs.

And a few more:

I saw a number of frames that used stainless steel:

A bike from one of the deans of independent frame builders, Richard Sachs.  Buyers spend years on the waiting list to get a bike from him:

Nice detail on the frame painting:

Wooden wheel rims:



G.E. said...

Some truly gorgeous bikes...probably a good thing I can't get there this weekend. :0)

Joey S. said...

Wow!! I love all of the wood bikes, I think they are beautiful. So interesting to see the belt driven bikes. I will be curious to see where that tend goes.