Friday, August 24, 2012

Festival on Main Street 2012

It's been a few years (3, gulp!) since I was last at Festival on Main Street in downtown Longmont.  Immediate observations were:
  • A lot more people!
  • More vendors and booths
  • More live music
The only thing I would suggest for improvement to the festival is to extend its hours from 9 PM to 10.   



G.E. said...

We went last year, and honestly, I think it was far more crowded this year than even last. Really, it's a wonderful thing to see everyone out and enjoying. I had to head home early though because I'd brought one of the dogs along, and I think it was just too much stimuli for her (and probably me, too) to handle.

Peter said...

Always good to get people downtown! I think they also extended the festival north a few blocks. It used to stop at Main and 6th.