Sunday, June 24, 2012

Virtual Escape to Longs Peak via Kiener's Route

It's a furnace here in Longmont.  The air is smoky and lung-burning from the fires, it's 100 degrees (F), and my potted tomato plants are waging a noble battle against wilting in the heat.

Why not escape virtually to the cool mist of Longmont's namesake, Long's Peak, 9000 feet above us?  These two gentlemen did last week, going up the tricky Kiener's Route.  I wouldn't have the nerves to traverse the catwalk along Broadway, looking straight down 800 feet, but these guys do, and they could probably do it blindfolded.  I'm glad I can watch it in HD instead.  It is five minute long and looks  great when viewed in full-screen mode.

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