Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cherry tree grove failure followup and pondering the Times-Call

I like the Times-Call and Scott Rochat.  And it's great that the Times-Call picked up the story today (remember that I don't link to individual TC articles anymore because their links go dead in less than a year) about the failed cherry tree grove in Kanemoto Park.  I don't own the story.  But maybe it would have been just a little fair to at least mention where the story originated.  

Those trees have been dead for months and like I said, I've seen no mention of this anywhere.  I finally got around to writing about it and emailed the city on Monday with my question about the grove failure.  Ken Wicklund did politely call me on Friday when I was out of town and left me a message with the reasons for the tree failure, much like is written in today's TC.  And, he mentioned that there would be newspaper coverage this weekend.  Perhaps just a coincidence that my article came out a week ago?

You can make the call yourself:  is it appropriate for a newspaper to use ideas from local bloggers without at least a casual attribution?

If you don't read the Times-Call, the reason the trees died was due to some vandalism and also some weather hardiness issues.  A different species of cherry tree may be considered in the spring, one that Denver has had some success with.


marco said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of recognition. Hopefully, they print a correction and mention where the story came from.

I usually like the local stories in the TC, though I don't so much care for the partisan politics. But I unsubscribed a few months ago when they ran a story that was actually nothing more than a thinly veiled advertisement for their "Longmont Daily Deals." It was the straw that broke the camel's back. I sent a complaint to the managing editor and never got a response.

Unfortunately, their journalistic standards seem to be a little lax sometimes. It's worth pointing out. Hopefully, they will try to improve.

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