Saturday, April 23, 2011

Autonomous Vehicle Competition 2011 at Sparkfun

Cloudy and wet weather at the end of April, just like last year, means that it's time once again for the Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) at Sparkfun in Gunbarrel.  It was snowing during the morning portion of the contest but no one seemed to mind.

Plane-eating tree
 There are a lot of rules to the contest but the concept is simple:  your vehicle, whether by ground or air, navigates around a fixed course by itself.
Sparkfun house band back for another year

New this year:  launching stands were permitted

This was a team from Longmont:  Death By Pine Tree

Last year's winner from San Antonio prepares for a trial run

Another great day at Sparkfun, including an informative factory tour.  If you're wondering what exactly they do, they basically design, build, and sell electronic building-blocks to tinkerers for prototype purposes.   Their customers are not just hobbyists who build planes that fly by themselves but also EE students, clothing designers, and industrial labs.  Of the 1500 or so products in their price book, about 500 of them are designed, built, and tested right here in Gunbarrel.

And wow, it's been over a month since I posted anything in here.  Time has been zooming by lately and I'll be looking to slow it down.

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lalapapawawa said...

heh. Death by pine tree. I love that.