Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not-everyday Signs

A roundup of some unusual or clever signs:

This one is from a Doctor's office complex in Louisville where I think they are trying to discourage their neighbors at an apartment building from using their dumpster:

Next up is from the parking lot at the Longmont RTD bus station on South Main. I never would have thought that frequent squirrel traffic could warrant a sign! Wait, is that a squirrel or a chipmunk with a big tail?

Out to the Boulder Reservoir. For this first one, I wonder if it puzzles those for which English is not their first language? Running spell-check (and maybe grammar-check) on signs is always a good thing, too, before printing them up.

Those pesky thorns called "goatheads" are a nuisance out here, and a menace to bicycle tires (this one is not a permanent sign; it's just out there for an event):

Finally, this "Certain Death" sign is well-known by Reservoir users but it is usually an eye-opener the first time you see it:

It is through a fenced-off ditch at this location that water enters the Boulder Reservoir from the NCWCD system. During peak times, the water travels fast thus the sign warning parents, pet owners, and curious grownups to stay out.

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