Sunday, April 4, 2010

1883 Easter bicycle trip between Longmont and Boulder

A short but inspirational Longmont Easter story from March 30, 1883, via the original Longmont Ledger:
Finley McFarland bicycled his way over to Boulder last Sunday morning in season to attend church and listen to a good Easter sermon. A portion of the distance the road was too rough for rapid progress. But he reached the county seat at 10:30 and returned home in the afternoon feeling all the better for his ride. Fifteen miles to church Sunday morning on a bicycle in the month of March is not a bad showing.
Easter, in 1883, was on March 25. The road was dirt and mud, of course, and likely severely rutted from wagon wheels in those rough spots. And this was long before cars and a good seven years before the start of the bicycle craze in Longmont.

Happy Easter!

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