Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farewell to High Gear Cyclery

Today was the last day of business for High Gear Cyclery in downtown Longmont. The building has been sold and it is rumored that a bookstore will be operating there soon.

High Gear did some great work on my bikes and I'll miss 'em. Good luck to the owner and his staff in their next endeavors.

The back of the store:

The free air, located at the back of the store, was a nice touch in downtown for years.

Thanks again, High Gear.

On the local bike store scene, look for one to be opening in downtown Niwot in the April 2010 timeframe.


lalapapawawa said...

A casualty of the economy? Did they give a reason for closing? It sounds like they were a stable business for a lot of years.

Peter said...

Yes. They had a slow winter, followed by a spring that didn't recover.