Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reverb on Main Street

The Beloved Invaders of Boulder returned to Longmont, to play surf music at the downtown Summer Concert Series this evening:

Wait, you might say, what's a surf band doing in Colorado? Well, don't forget about the Astronauts from Boulder, who had a surf tune "Baja" on the Billboard charts in 1963. The Beloved Invaders covered this song tonight, of course.

A good crowd, of all ages, was out to hear the twang:

And Longmont's finest breweries were present, too:

Bob Cannistraro doing his part to keep surf music alive!

Two more concerts left in the downtown concert series this year, July 30 and August 13.


lalapapawawa said...

Eh, do they close off Main Street for this, or is it a side street? I saw Ziggi's in the background, but isn't that on 4th? They don't cut off the main artery through town on a week night, do they?
So was it well attended? You know I have to take note of all these special events if I'm going to have a store downtown :-)

In a Van Down By the St. Vrain River said...

Yes, this is at 4th and Main, with the stage backed up against Main. But no, Main Street is not closed. This is an experiment, I think, so we'll see if they return to this location next year vs. taking it back to a place like Roosevelt Park. I like the downtown location although the setting sun makes this challenging. I thought it was well attended, perhaps 150+ people, and I think it will be more next week due to the loyal following of the band playing.