Sunday, March 15, 2009

Union Reservoir ride

A windy ride today on the dirt Weld County roads surrounding Union Reservoir, including a visit to the controversial intersection close to the new Mead High School.

I have a thing for mailbox sculpture!

East of the reservoir on County Road (CR) 26, there is a 90-degree intersection with CR7 that is getting a lot of attention right now, because of its proximity to the new Mead High School which is opening up in August 2009.

These next three pictures show the intersection getting closer as you head south on CR7, away from Mead HS:

The intersection goes over a culvert that drains a stream to St. Vrain State Park during wetter times.

The common concern being heard is that this intersection is not safe, especially for teenagers starting to drive. Although I haven't heard this voiced yet, I'm guessing that there are also worries about teenagers just taking this corner too fast, perhaps to show off, especially if two vehicles are both at the elbow point at the same time. It's definitely just a quiet country intersection right now but that's about to change, and it is valid to ask if this intersection could be improved to safely handle the larger expected load.

Mead High School, not too far from I-25:

I'll have to get back to this other intersection in the summer to see the difference from the prescriptive-burn look it has today:

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