Sunday, February 8, 2009

Longmont DTV Update

Things are improved from the previous dismal report about the reception of the new DTV signals in Longmont. Using an antenna made from coat hangers, aluminum foil, and a 2 by 4, I was able to pull in a lot more stations, including four out of the big five. Digital broadcasting for the area PBS stations, according to antennaweb for zip code 80501, will be coming online on the day of the transition. Some of the success is not due to the antenna but simply because more stations are increasing their digital power as the transition date nears.

Plans for the homemade antenna are here, and there is also a video.

Such an antenna would normally be put in an attic, but it could also simply be a (perhaps hidden) floor model in an apartment. This antenna is directional - you want the foil to be facing the direction of the transmitter.

I aimed the antenna south, to get these stations. Big five in bold.
  • 2-1 KWGN
  • 4-1 KCNC (CBS)
  • 7-1 KMGH (ABC)
  • 7-27 KZCO (Azteca - Spanish)
  • 9-1 KUSA (NBC)
  • 9-2 KUSA Weather-Plus (all weather)
  • 14-1 KTFD (Telefeura/Spanish)
  • 20-1 KTVD (My "20")
  • 25-1 KDEN (Telemundo/Spanish)
  • 31-1 KDVR (Fox)
  • 59-1 Ion
  • 59-2 Qubo (childrens)
  • 59-3 Ion Life
  • 59-4 Worship


Ken said...

Thanks for the blog, it was a nice find recently for me. Is your antenna close to the box? I'm thinking about putting the antenna in the attic, and splitting the cable to two TVs, but I'm worried about weakened signal.
Again, good job on the blog, interesting information.

Rick said...

Thanks for the info. Any plans to update the Longmont station count now that more stations have gone full power?