Saturday, December 13, 2008

Skydiving Santa returns to Longmont

After the inaugural skydiving Santa last year, I mentioned that this could be a good annual Longmont tradition. So it was great to see Santa drop from the sky again this year at Roosevelt Park, on a slightly warmer day this time, with blue skies and no wind.

Longmont is fairly well-known on the Front Range by the skydiving community, so this event makes sense in building up an event around one of our strengths.

I don't remember the post-touchdown "swarm" last year.

Unlike last year, the skating rink has already been open for a few weeks now.

Thanks to Brigette at the Longmont Examiner for mentioning that this event was happening this year. I didn't see the announcements, and would have missed the event altogether.

Holiday parade is tonight at 5 PM!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! I was there as well with my teens who skated at the rink afterwards. Email me when you plan to be at an event and say hi! Thanks for the link as well and I have you in my feeds on :)

-Brigette Rodriguez