Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pleasant View Ridge

Pleasant View Ridge was yet another farming and shopping community outside of Longmont that had a weekly column in the Longmont Ledger newspaper devoted to it, in the late 1800's. Located a few miles southeast of Longmont, today (much like Liberty Hall) the school house remains (as a private house) as the sole remanining evidence of Pleasant View Ridge, on the northwest corner of Oxford Road and County Line Road 1, on the Boulder/Weld County border.

Pleasant View Ridge was started when J. W. Ward settled in the area, in 1880.

One description of Pleasant View Ridge can be found on page 251 of the book "They Came To Stay" (1971) by the St. Vrain Historical Association. In addition to the school, this community had a church, a cemetery, a railroad station on the Longmont/Louisville line, a general store, and a blacksmith shop. As the community started to wind down, the church was moved to Erie in 1925, and the most of the remains in the cemetery were relocated to Longmont's Mountain View Cemetery.

The book above says that this school house (standing today) was built in 1908 after the previous Pleasant View Ridge school (called the "Ward School") was torn down. I'm wondering why the stone says "1899" on the school building today? (You may have to click on the picture below to see the date clearly). Perhaps it was moved from the Ward School?

Approaching from the west on Oxford Road, a clustering of trees shows the general location of the former Pleasant View Ridge community.


Keri said...

Thank you for this information! I live in the area and have long been curious about the schoolhouse. The cemetery is actually still there as well. It is right across County Line Road on Oxford, but is on private land. There are photos of it here:

JuliBarart said...

My grandparents farmed on the corner diagonally across from the school and my mom and aunt attended school there. The cemetery was on their property, from what I understand. Their farmhouse was torn down several years ago, sadly.