Monday, November 17, 2008

Moultrie, Georgia

As you may have noticed, not everything in here is about Longmont! This is from a pleasant trip to Moultrie, Georgia (population 15,000) on a very rainy November day in 2008.

The Colquitt County Court House in downtown Moultrie, built in 1902:

This amazing magnolia tree was planted in 1845!

An elegant building, now occupied by the Moultrie Chamber of Commerce:

A (probably) unused warehouse, just off downtown:

Instead of tearing down the town theater, why not preserve it by re-purposing it as a Senior Center?

Downtown Moultrie. Like us in Longmont, commerce has moved to the outskirts of Moultrie, leaving downtown to fend for itself. The holiday lights are up!

A cotton field in Colquitt County:

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